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Fall Technology Summit 2020

Wednesday Oct. 21st, 2020
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Hampton Inn & Suites
South I-55 & Butler Hill Rd.
4200 Mid America Lane
St. Louis, MO 63129


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Glenn Wolk


Cable Access Studios / Television Stations

"Glenn is always available at a moment’s notice. Glenn is very responsive and goes the extra mile for us at Charter Communications."
Bob Urberger – Lead Production Engineer

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Creative Services: 
Call us First to help 
Produce/Edit your Story!

A picture is worth a thousand words. A video is worth a Million! We help the storyteller communicate your story effectively and impact your audience with our creative ideas / services. We do things for our clients that others can’t or won’t do.

We produce your videos for the ultimate, worldwide video distribution channel (the Web).

Web Videos are now one of the Most Powerful Proven Marketing tools available. Most companies are dramatically boosting Web-related spending (66 percent on average) this year. Online video is one strategy identified as a leverage point for attracting new customers this year. People access online videos at least weekly for vital information. Millions are watching videos regularly to make better business decisions and purchases. Ounce-for-ounce there isn’t a more compelling or convincing marketing form than video. Video is where you can see and hear people demonstrate products and services, and where you can hear satisfied customers endorse companies. You can make a pitch in a truly convincing manner, and create drama and emotional involvement. Our Web Videos entice people to take action, take the next step to contact you andbuy your product or service.

The Internet is great for encoded Videos we create that can be archieved for later retrieval or Live streamed (webcast) informational videos that include:

  1. Products or service demos shot in our studio, factory, or field.
  2. Customer testimonials in a studio or on-location.
  3. "Documentary" styled reports on important business issues you touch.
  4. Coverage of public events: such as speeches, convention presentations.

We can create your website with video in mind and imbed these videos for your website using Industry Standard Windows Media or Flash files.

Web videos can often serve extra duty at business-pitch meetings, public events and trade shows, and can even be used as leave-behinds DVD’s with your brand (Image) printed directly on the media. Posting company Web videos make sense, We will help you profit by doing our best job with the production and you may find that the video we create opens up a whole new avenue for winning customers and building your business.

  • Company History Videos
  • Training / Safety Videos
  • Patient Education Videos
  • Trade Show / Convention Display Videos
  • Music Videos / Concerts
  • Testimonial Videos
  • Marketing Videos
  • New Product Roll out Videos
  • Investor Relations Videos / Live Webcasting
  • Distance Learning
  • And so much more...

Green Screen work at my Facility and Composite your Building, Showroom etc. (Any Stills or Video) in the background like the weatherman does for the news.

We are capable of producing and keying a Live Virtual set in real time.

Cutting Edge "Live" Multi-Camera Special Event Recording and Internet Webcasting Services:

Our Content Delivery Network can broadcast Live from one to one half a million people using windows media / Flash. Live Experienced Technicians/Crew for your Special Events.

Graphics, 2D/3D Animation and Modeling and 
Editing Services:

We can do simulations in animation that cannot be done easily in the real world.

Training Services:

With complex systems, the technology is constantly changing and evolving. Hire us as your consultant to speed up your ease of operation and use of the system! We can help you be more productive / profitable / successful by providing mission critical industry information for the real world situations that occur. Call or better yet, we invite you to come take a Tour of Our Facility!

























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